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Bluegrass United Boys' Soccer   



2022 Fall Season

Our goal has always been the same from the start, to compete at the highest level and give homeschool high school youth an opportunity to experience a varsity sports program in a Christian environment. We have always believed that only truly competitive programs can teach a level of self-discipline, work ethic and sacrificial dedication to a cooperative goal that will remain with the athletes throughout their lives. With this in mind, we look forward to our 20th season of soccer.


Attendance at every practice is mandatory unless excused.

Be on time. On time means being ready to go at the posted start time.

If you will be late, please notify the coach before practice starts.

If you are unable to attend a training session, you must communicate this with the coach beforehand*.  *DO NOT text the coach while you are driving; either pull over and text or let him know what happened once you arrive.

Wear a warm-up shirt to all practices. Bring plenty of water to each practice. Players must bring their own ball to each practice. Players must bring a personal supply of hand sanitizer to every practice.

100% effort is expected. Practice like we play.

Practice is expected at home apart from scheduled team practice times.

Practices are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. All Thursday and Saturday practices will take place on our home field at Eastland Church of God. Eastland Church of God is located at 2598 Liberty Road in Lexington.  All Tuesday practices will take place at Pleasant Ridge Park which is located at 1350 Pleasant Ridge Drive in Lexington (this park is about five minutes from our home field).

Players must use hand sanitizer frequently (be sure to bring this to every practice).

Those exhibiting signs of illness or who have knowledge that they have been exposed to COVID-19 may not attend any BU Soccer games, practices or events.


We will seek to have approximately 10 JV games and 14 varsity games. Additional games will be played during tournaments. While every attempt is made to provide you with a final schedule at the start of the season, due to unforeseen circumstances, the schedule may be modified as the season progresses.


All rostered players must attend unless excused.

Being on time means you are at the field and ready to go 30 minutes before game time.

As with practices, you must inform the coach beforehand if you are not able to attend. If you will arrive late, you must make every effort to let them know before warm-ups start.  

Wear your warm-up jersey to all games. Bring both home/away jerseys and home/away socks to each game. Bring plenty of water to every game. NO personal items may be shared between players. If you do not have your own water, jerseys, shin guards, cleats, etc. you will NOT be allowed to play.

Those exhibiting signs of illness or who have knowledge that they have been exposed to COVID-19 may not attend any BU Soccer games, practices or events.


Attendance is mandatory for rostered members unless excused.

Varsity is scheduled to play in three tournaments this season. The tournaments scheduled will take place in Belfry, KY (8/20), Grundy, WV (9/9-10), and Murfreesboro (10/20-22). JV is scheduled to play in one tournament this season which will take place in Louisville, KY (10/7-8).

All tournament team entry fees will be paid by BU Soccer. All other travel expenses are the responsibility of the individual player.

The tournaments may be cancelled or modified without prior notice.

Those exhibiting signs of illness or who have knowledge that they have been exposed to COVID-19 may not attend any BU Soccer games, practices or events.


$200 registration fee (ref fees, field fees, tournament entry fees, supplies and equipment, etc) paid to Bluegrass United Boys Soccer. The $15 overall BU Athletics liability insurance fee is included in our team registration fee. If you play on another BU team during the 2022-2023 school year you will not have to pay the insurance fee again (just let them know you have paid the insurance fee through the soccer team).

$140* one-time uniform purchase fee for new members. The uniform fee will include a home jersey, away jersey, warm-up jersey, one pair of uniform shorts and two pairs of socks. If you would like extras, lose, grow out of, or wear out any of the above items, you will be able to purchase another one at actual replacement cost (this cost will vary based on the prices available at the time).

The player is expected to purchase soccer cleats, shin guards, hand sanitizer, and a size 5 ball.



We shall have one large team of approximately 30 players.

Rostered players must be currently home schooled high school age students who are no older than 18 years of age as of July 4, 2022. In exceptional cases, some younger players may be asked to join the team at the coach’s discretion. Bluegrass United defines homeschooled students as those students whose parents have submitted a Letter of Intent to homeschool to their local school board.

Separate rosters shall be named before each game. These rosters are not “set in stone” and there is ample opportunity for players to move up or down the rosters throughout the season.

Typically, there shall be 3 groups of players: 1) varsity players, 2) JV players, and 3) swing players that shall play in both varsity and JV games.

Varsity time is earned through ability and attitude. The goal is to put the best team on the field during every varsity game. How well a player fits into the system will determine his role on the varsity team. Playing time is not guaranteed during varsity games.

The focus of JV games is player development, therefore all players will be given ample playing time during these games.

The captain’s band is earned through leadership, attitude, and performance on and off the field. The captains will be appointed by the coaching staff at the beginning of the season at the coach's discretion.


All players are expected to have a positive and team-oriented attitude.

Treat all team members, coaches, coordinators, others involved in the BU program, and opponents with respect.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

Abide by all guidelines set forth by BU Soccer.

Remember that you are an ambassador of our team, Bluegrass United and homeschoolers in general both on and off the field.

The use of tobacco, vaping, or juuling products, alcohol, or other illegal drugs is strictly prohibited for all team members. Usage of these products will result in severe consequences (up to immediate dismissal from the team without a refund).

By attending practice, games, or other team activities you are certifying that you:

-Are not currently sick

-Do not currently have a fever (or have not taken a fever reducing medicine to bring down a fever)

-Have not knowingly been exposed to anyone with a COVID-19 during the past 14 days

-Have not exhibited any symptom of COVID-19 since the last game and/or practice


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13

...whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. -1 Corinthians 10:31

Have a higher purpose. Strive to exemplify the team verses.

Seek excellence in all things. On and off the field, always give your best effort.

Put the team first. There is no room for ego, envy or selfishness on the field.

We are a brotherhood. Build deep relationships with your teammates. No cliques.

Work hard. Practice like we play. No matter what the score, give 100% effort.

Take personal responsibility. You control your preparation and actions.

Choose to be positive. Find the good and stay focused in any situation.

Mean no offense, take no offense. We are a team of grace. This applies not only within our own team, but with our opponents and the officials as well.


The team needs parental involvement in order to properly function. Parents are the driving force behind the Bluegrass United Soccer Program. Because the parents are so important, our program has guidelines for them as well. Parents are expected to:

Buy in! The expectations of BU Soccer are clearly defined and must be respected. By signing this document, parents and players are agreeing to follow the guidelines laid out by the coaches, coordinators and the BU Contract of Understanding. If there is any conflict between parental rules vs. BU guidelines, players are expected to follow whichever is the higher standard.

Cheer on! Be positive, and reflect the values of the program. Let the coaches do the coaching and the players do the playing. The role of the parents on the sidelines is not to coach, critique or discourage any athlete, but to support the BU team on and off the field. Negative comments aimed at players (on either team), coaches (on either team), refs, or the program in general will not be tolerated. Positivity, encouragement and cheers are always welcome.  By signing the registration document, you are voluntarily agreeing to respect our hosts requests and abide by their guidelines while at their facilities. If you should chose not to do so, you agree you will not attend that game.

Get involved! Various tasks may arise during the season. All families should be willing to assist as needed. 

You must require your son(s) and all other family members to follow all guidelines as set forth by the program while at BU Soccer events. By signing the registration document, you are voluntarily agreeing to do so.

Please know that we strongly believe in the rights of parents to choose what is best for their own families and would not seek to usurp those rights. However, please know that you are VOLUNTARILY agreeing to abide by all guidelines while at BU Soccer events (including games, practices, team meetings, and tournaments) in order for your son to take part this season. If your family chooses to revoke your agreement at any time, you are doing so with the understanding that your son may be removed from the team.


Our Band app and website are our primary forms of communication. Players and parents are responsible for checking Band daily during the soccer season. You may join our band by using on the following link: 

Please check Band app before heading out to games for any last minute updates.

Coach Kevin Newell can be reached at [email protected] or 859-351-2499

Team Coordinator Jenna Newell can be reached at [email protected] or


Game day, please call or text either number with any last minute questions or if you need directions.

I understand the above expectations for Bluegrass United Boys’ Soccer. Further, I understand that association with the team is a voluntary agreement that may be revoked by either party at any time.

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