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Bluegrass United Boys' Soccer   


Bluegrass United Boys' Soccer 2nd Annual Soccer Challenge

Thank you to all of the volunteers that made our 2nd Annual Soccer Challenge a success (despite the storms and last minute venue change)! We appreciate all of your help! While we didn't have an entire park to spread out across as we had planned nor were we able to include all of the planned challenges indoors, we are thankful that Lexington Indoor was an able and willing last minute host for our event and that all of you were so gracious about the last minute chaos changes. 

Team Lou, led by senior Chad Price, gave a valiant effort and finished the course in 1:04:04. Coming in 5th place, the team of Titus Sexton, Mark Jorgensen, Chad Price, Alex Van Campen, and Reese Bates worked hard and finished strong. Their prize of Skunkies (oder erasers) was heartily applauded by all of the parents in the crowd. ;)

Team Jo Jo and the Circus Boys was led by senior Sam Wyse. Finishing up in 4th place, they had a time of 58:00. Team members Brace Jennings, Sam Wyse, Joseph Morlote, Cal Zafren and Chandler Robbe ran hard and did a great job on the course. The team chose the ever-useful ball pumps as their team prize.

Finishing up in 3rd place, Team Gryffindor was led by junior Lawson Martin. With a time of 56:04, the team of Griffin Newell, Christopher Skidmore, Zach Wentz and Lawson Martin pushed themselves and made great time while completing the ten different stations that were part of the challenge. Team Gryffindor chose hacky sacks as their team prize.

Team Polar Bear finished strong in second place. They were led by junior Damien Lopez. With a time of 53:44, they made quick work of the stations and running. Team members James Wyse, Damien Lopez, Isaac King and Caleb Van Campen proudly showed off their chosen prize by modeling their new soccer top hats for us.

Finishing up in first place, Team Potatoes proudly tooted their own horns (after choosing the vuvuzelas as their team prize). Team Potatoes was led by junior Andrew Morlote. They blew away (pun intended) the competition with a time of 48:24. The members of Team Potatoes were Andrew Morlote, Nathan Wertz, Jackson Newell and Matt Vanzant. Congratulations go to Team Potatoes for being this year's Annual Soccer Challenge champions!