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Bluegrass United Boys' Soccer   


BU Soccer Fitness Guidelines and Expectations

Fitness and Skills Tests Fall 2016

Test 1: Beep Test

Goal: Complete Level 10

Test 2: Planking

Goal: 3 minutes and 30 seconds

Test 3: 5K Run

Goal: Complete in 25 minutes

Test 4: Juggling

Goal: Juggle 50 consecutive times

If you have any questions about pre-season training, please contact Coach Kevin by clicking here.

How to Prepare for the Season

1. Warm Up: All players are required to know the FIFA 11+ Warm-Up found at this link: . If you don’t have a partner to do it with, just make do. Make sure to pay attention to the proper form - there is no excuse for sloppy form on these exercises. Do this warm-up no less than four days a week.

2. Training Drills

Coach Kevin will be able to tell who has prepared and who has not; this will impact playing time!