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Bluegrass United Boys' Soccer   


Pre-Season Training Goals

2021 Work-Out Warrior Champions

Players are expected to work hard on improving their fitness levels and ball skills in the off-season. Coach Kevin will be able to tell who has prepared and who has not; this will impact playing time! The soccer challenge and team camp which occur at the start of our season will be physically challenging; you will need to be fit coming into the season. All players will take part in the following fitness testing during the first week of our season. You should train to exceed the expectations listed below:

2022 Fitness Test Standards

Test 1:20 Meter Beep Test

Expectation: Complete Level 8

Test 2: 5K Run

Expectation: Complete in 24 minutes

Test 3: Juggling

Expectation: Juggle 100 consecutive times

Off Season Work Out Plan

Beep Test Video

Click here to contact Coach Kevin if you have any questions about pre-season training.