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Bluegrass United Boys' Soccer   


2017 BU Boys' Soccer Mini-Camp

Thank you to all who participated in our 2017 mini-camp! A big thank you to Coach Kevin, Jason, Mrs. Jenna, Mrs. Angie and Mrs. Stacey for chaperoning the event and making it a great day for all of the boys. Additional thanks to all of the families that sent ice, dessert, water coolers, tables and coolers!

The mini-camp started out with the team running an early morning 5K... thirteen hours, six soccer training sessions, two meals, an exciting round of "Get to Know Your Teammate!", a water balloon toss, a juggling assessment, six breaks at which massive amounts of granola bars, cheese, fruit and popsicles were consumed, chalk talk, four ultimate survival immunity challenges, three off season work-out warrior champions named, and one scrimmage under the lights later...our mini-camp was done.

Below you will find some of the fun we were able to capture with a camera. Click on the pictures to expand them to full size to view the entire image as much of each original image is cropped off in the thumbnail view below.  

The 5K

Training, Games, and Down Time!

2017's Off Season Workout Champions and The Ultimate Survival Challenge Tribes