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Bluegrass United Boys' Soccer   


Skill Drills : Goal of 7,000 touches per week. You can do 1,000 per day or 7,000 all in one day. No lazy touches, but touches with intensity and purpose. One way to get in touches is to juggle. Work on more than just your feet with juggling. Challenge yourself to be able to reliably juggle around the world. Another way to get in tons of touches within 10-15 minutes is by using the following drills:

· Coerver Drills: - This video is a good starter video. If you are not as confident in your ball skills, start here and work your way up. It is a little slower pace so you can watch the footwork and get the technique right. Once you get the techniques down, work to improve your speed.

· Renegade Soccer 2K Burst: - This is a great video to get 2,000 touches in 15 minutes. It has good instruction and timer to tell you when to move to the next drill. It also has built in water breaks.

· El Jesus Soccer: - This is more advanced and pretty fast paced.

· Progressive Soc

cer Dribbling: - Good video to improve dribbling skills and turns. You will need cones (or you could use cans if you don't have cones).

Goalie Drills: You will need 2 people for goalie drills.



 Core Strength & Speed/Agility work – Your goal should be to do both speed work and core strength exercises twice a week each.

Core training:

· 50 push-ups – If this is hard for you at first, do 2-3 sets to get to 50 if you can’t get 50 in at one time.

· Lunges – 25 with each leg

· Standard Plank – 1 min x 2 sets

· Side Plank – 30 sec each side x 2 sets

· Hip Raise – lie on you back with knees up and raise your hips (we do this at practice) 2 sets of 12

· Squat Jumps – go down into a squat position. When you go up, explode into a jump. 2 sets of 12

· High Knees – Hold hands out, waist high. Alternate raising each knee up to waist level hitting your hand. Total of 50 – 25 each leg



2. - The first 3:30 of this video is good. The last part would require a bungie cord.